Glen Phillips of Toad the Wet Sprocket at The Acorn w/ Chris Pureka

Saturday, Mar. 09 | 8:00pm ET (7:00pm CT)


California-based singer/songwriter and guitarist Glen Phillips performs at The Acorn. As lead singer and main songwriter of Toad the Wet Sprocket, Phillips helped create the band’s elegant folk/pop sound with honest, introspective lyrics that forged a close bond with their fans.

About the Artist

When Toad went on hiatus, Phillips launched a solo career with Abulum, and stayed busy collaborating with other artists on various projects including Mutual Admiration Society, and Remote Tree Children.

The 11 tracks on Phillips new solo album There is So Much Here move between quiet love songs and outright rockers that consider the multi-faceted meanings hidden in our everyday lives.

“Until recently, I’ve seldom allowed myself to stay in one placefor very long,” Phillips says. “I was lucky during the COVID lockdown to move in with my girlfriend, now fiancée, and to stay home for the longest stretch I’ve had since the birth of mydaughter, 20 years ago. I began noticing the little things. After alife of travel and seeking out peak experiences, I began to appreciate the subtle beauty of sitting still.”

Phillips’ previous solo record, Swallowed by The New, was about grief, a post-divorce outing while There is So Much Here finds Phillips writing love songs again focusing on gratitude, beauty and staying present.

“With this batch of songs, I was suddenly hopeful again,knowing you can never know what the outcome of any action, or inaction, is going to be. There’s no pure happy ending – the world is a mess, the future is uncertain – but I find found truth in the poet Mary Oliver’s words: ‘Attention is the beginning of devotion.’ I was suddenly in a state of being that wasn’t about my loss. I woke up and things felt doable again.” Ultimately, as Phillips reflects on the album, he shares: “This is an album about showing up for what is and letting it be enough.”


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