Art at The Acorn

The Acorn Center for the Performing Arts transforms into a visual art space with our new initiative, Art at The Acorn.

Currently on View: Chris Brown, Awakening 

Artist Statement:

After dabbling off and on in the written and visual arts for most of my life, a few years back I discovered painting, and now focus on mostly oils, mostly abstract. While self-taught, I am always eager to learn, not just from experience but from others: teachers, artists, or, like me, people who just like to talk about art. It excites me because I know this well is bottomless, that I can explore, consume, surround myself with, and create art ad infinitum and still find more to discover. These paintings represent the evolution of my style, mostly abstract forms that evoke representational interpretations. I utilize the viscous properties of oil paints to blend colors and layers to create depth that rewards viewing both up close and from afar.

About the Artist

Chris Brown, Art at The Acorn

Chris was born and raised in the Detroit area, graduated from Michigan State University, moved to Chicago, wrote fiction, played in bands, dabbled in photography, graduated from the University of Chicago, worked and worked some more, bought a place in Three Oaks, discovered painting during the pandemic and can't stop.

We remain open for Artist Submissions for consideration for a future exhibition.

Our current Artist, Chris Brown, will be on view through March 2024. Artwork exhibitions rotate once approximately every three months. One Artist is featured during each exhibition/rotation period. Depending on size, generally up to ten to twenty pieces can be displayed.

Upcoming rotation periods are:

  • January through March 2024 - Chris Brown, Awakening
  • April through June 2024 - Nathan Margoni, Golden Boy
  • July through September 2024
  • October through December 2024

Interested artists should fill out an Art at The Acorn Artist Submission Form

The Art at The Acorn Artist Submission Form remains open for submissions as we consider interested artists for future rotation periods. 

If selected to be a featured artist for Art at The Acorn, additional exhibition terms will be discussed and a written agreement will be required. Transportation and installation of artwork is the responsibility of the artist. Artists must also provide their own insurance coverage and have the ability to take payment for the sale of their work.

Please contact Nikki Gauthier with any questions.

Artist Submission Form