Art at The Acorn

The Acorn Center for the Performing Arts transforms into a visual art space with our new initiative, Art at The Acorn.

We remain open for Artist Submissions for consideration for a future exhibition.

Our next Artist, Nicolina Holt, will be on view beginning in late September through the end of November. Artwork exhibitions rotate once approximately every three months. One Artist is featured during each exhibition/rotation period. Depending on size, generally up to ten to twenty pieces can be displayed.

Upcoming rotation periods are:

  • December 2023 through February 2024
  • March through May 2024
  • June through August 2024

Interested artists should fill out an Art at The Acorn Artist Submission Form

The Art at The Acorn Artist Submission Form will remain open for submissions through November 3, 2023 as we consider other artists for future rotation periods. 

If selected to be a featured artist for Art at The Acorn, additional exhibition terms will be discussed and a written agreement will be required. Transportation and installation of artwork is the responsibility of the artist. Artists must also provide their own insurance coverage and have the ability to take payment for the sale of their work.

Please contact Nikki Gauthier with any questions.

Artist Submission Form