Nikki Gauthier

  • Manager of Marketing and Programs

Following her passion for all things creative led Nikki from a career in elementary education to a path in the arts, both professionally and personally. She left the classroom behind in favor of promoting the arts at the Box Factory for the Arts in St. Joseph, Arbor3 Arts in Three Oaks, and now at The Acorn. Nikki is no stranger to The Acorn stage - she performs in local venues on her own and with her band Dirty Sally. In addition to making music most of her life, Nikki also discovered painting only a few years ago when her dad gave her painting supplies as a Christmas gift.

Here at The Acorn, Nikki manages our Marketing Team and develops much of our diverse programs, including regional talent, Open Mic Night and our Singer-Songwriter Competition. She is also responsible for Event Operations, Front of House and Customer Service support.