Art at The Acorn – Artist Reception for Amy Renzulli – Full Circle

Tuesday, Jul. 30 | 7:00pm ET (6:00pm CT)

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The Acorn Center for the Performing Arts transforms into a visual art space with our initiative Art at The Acorn. We are proud to welcome our new artist, Amy Renzulli and her exhibit Full Circle.

The exhibit title – Full Circle – refers to many things in Amy’s life - too many to list here. It is the name of the farm that she and her husband own in South Haven, where they have plans to build an art barn and studio for hosting art workshops. Full Circle is also the path Amy’s art has taken from being inspired by her artist father’s landscape paintings to her vibrant, colorful abstracts and back to her own interpretive landscapes. As she moves through different styles, each stage informs the next.

Artist Reception is free and open to the public.

  • Light bites | Cash bar
  • Artist Talk and Q&A moderated by Janet Davies

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Artist Statement:

My work is primarily in mixed media using acrylics, oil paints, markers, hand printed papers, and found ephemera. My process is guided by listening to my own intuition, to trusting my instincts and letting go of judgment and comparison. It is one of layers, marks, fixes and scrapes. I often find that the artwork TELLS ME what I need to know and what I need to express. It is meditative, calming and extremely enlightening. A final piece has had many lives that evolve over time. The end result is one of discovery and surprise.

I find that the more I paint the more I learn about my life, emotions, and creative energy. It helps me deal with depression– my own and others around me. It counteracts threatening boredom and brings me joy. I want the visual impact of my work to make other people happy and draw the viewer in where they continuously discover new things. My inspiration comes from everything around me, including the creative relationships within my circle of family and friends.

Almost all of my work is layered and filled with colors, shapes, words and images. It tends to be bold, bright, musical, and eclectic. I have always enjoyed the challenge of a sky full of beautiful clouds. And I am continuously drawn back to my own playful approach to making high impact, abstract art.

About the Artist

Coming from a family full of artists, Amy grew up with the gifts of painting, drawing, writing, and abundant art supplies and guidance. Amy’s biggest artistic influence is her father who made art a central part of his life and career after being a doctor for many years. She began her painting journey by mimicking the traditional landscapes he painted and seeking his input and feedback. She later found her own rhythm and style which continues to evolve. And she still seeks out the advice and guidance from her family of professional artists.

She currently balances her time between two busy, successful School of Rock locations, two art studios, and a burgeoning start-up with one of her creative sisters. She enjoys spending time with her husband and two young adult children and encouraging them to achieve their own dreams and goals.

Amy’s focus is exploring, learning and getting her work out in the world. Her goal is to nurture and contribute to the art community as well as continue to paint and develop her artistic presence.

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